Water Well Tune-up

Get a tune-up. It could save you thousands!

Your water well is one of your home's greatest assets.  Ensure it works properly and your family has adequate water supply by getting a water well tune-up today.  Call our office at 817-480-7971 for pricing or scheduling!

Did you know....​ 

  • Your water well needs maintenance just like your car?
  • Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your well equipment.
  • A Tune-Up can identify problems before they cost you a lot of money.  

What does it include? 

  • Checking pressures on systems-calibrate tank pressures for proper start and stop
  • Checking water level on tank to ensure functionality of: Air-volume Control, Bleeder Valve, and Schrader Valve  
  • Check voltage across pressure switch to check power loss
  • Check voltage across control box to check power loss
  • Take ohm reading of pump- Measure the resistance of the windings in the pump
  • Ensure pressure gauge is working properly
  • Compare voltage readings to manufacturer specs
  • Compare Amperage readings to manufacturer specs
  • Check if pump equipment is grounded properly
  • Check start capacitor condition
  • Check filters (if applicable)
  • Inspect control box- Inspect Wiring, Connections, and Equipment                                                                                                               


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